Jan 2017

Local Tourism Fair Dates
These events are organised with owners of accommodation or tourism businesses in mind. They are an ideal opportunity to meet and network with other tourism business owners. In my experience, they are an excellent way of finding out what attractions may appeal to your guests and for discovering support services for the tourism industry. I will have stands at the Alnwick, Kelso and Hawick fairs so please come and say hello if you are visiting.

March 8th Kelso Tourism Fair at Springwood Park, Kelso, Scottish Borders
March 21st North Tourism Fair at Willowburn Sports and Leisure Centre, Alnwick, Northumberland
March 23rd North Tourism Fair at Hexham Mart, Hexham, Northumberland
March 23rd Scottish Borders Tourism Partnership Exhibition, The Tower Mill, Hawick.

The 2017 Houzz Website Awards
Houzz is the leading website for home renovation and design with over 40 million monthly users and I'm so delighted to have won one of their coveted ' Best of Houzz' awards with the Houzz viewers voting me the 2017 winner for Best Customer Service. Only 3% of Houzz professionals ever win so this is a great addition to the Houzz 'Best Photographer' award I won last year.

“We are so pleased to award Best of Houzz 2017 to this incredible group of talented and customer-focused professionals,” said Andrew Small, managing director of Houzz UK and Ireland. “Each of these businesses was singled out for recognition by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts for helping turn their home improvement dreams into reality."

Keeping Up To Date
We all know how time marches on with one year quickly disappearing into the next. Before you know it, three or four years have passed by in what seem like a few weeks. Its easy to let things go stale, especially in the fast moving world of holiday lettings. Technology and communications are still transforming the holiday business and its important to take note of what your guests are looking for. For example, the vast majority of guests now require a good wi-fi connection and properties who don't have this are suffering. Another important area is music playback. A few years ago you could get away with leaving a decent radio or CD player in your holiday home; now you really need something that can play the guest's digital music via an Iphone or MP3 player as a minimum and many holiday homes have a music streaming device too.

The way you advertise your property is subject to big changes too and its worth keeping up to date with what's working now. Trends change very quickly - just look at AirBnB which has transformed the lettings market. Its a good idea to regularly carry out an inventory of where you advertise and how many bookings this brings in as there may be other other, newer platforms that are better. Of course, my own interest is in photography and its also important to keep the photographs on your listing up to date. If you have re-decorated a couple of rooms and had a new carpet or new furniture, its important for you bookings that your listing reflects this. So if you need new photography, please me a call as I can help show off your property at its very best.

New simpler pricing for photography
Previously, I offered my clients the option of choosing from various photography 'packages' and while this has worked well, I'm conscious that every client is different and each has unique requirements.
So for 2017, I'm introducing a much simpler and more open ended pricing policy. Very simply, I have an initial attendance charge of £100.00 (this covers my time and travel) and then any photographs you choose after that are priced on a sliding scale depending on how many you require. This is as follows:

1-3 photographs £26.00 each
4-9 photographs £20.00 each
10-29 photographs £18.00 each
30+ photographs £15.00 each

For example, photography to include your choice of three photographs would be:
Attendance fee of £100
3 photos @ £26 each
Total £178.00

A slightly bigger package is a touch more cost effective; for example photography to include your choice of five photographs would be:
Attendance fee of £100
5 photos @ £20 each
Total £200.00

It means that you will be able to quickly and easily work out the likely costs for your photography. I will always take a large selection of photographs to ensure you have a good choice and extra photographs can be purchased at an additional cost. I am happy to be as flexible as required in order to produce the images that you require. Whether you are new to digital photography or are an experienced web designer, my dedicated download site allows you to access your photographs quickly and easily.