November 2015


I'm guessing everyone has great photos of their holiday property looking its best in the summer, complete with blue skies and a blossoming garden. After all, the summer is often seen as the most profitable time of year for holiday cottage owners. Its always good to get Christmas and New Year booked out of course but other than that, the run up to Christmas can be quiet. However, I've noticed something of new trend recently: quite a number of cottage owners are now marketing their property with a real Christmas theme from early in December. So they are providing the full Christmas experience - Christmas tree and decorations along with suitably Christmas themed welcome gifts, starting from the very beginning of December. And its working, with normally quiet weeks becoming booked up. For some busy working families, Christmas away from home just isn't feasible so this is a great alternative. The key is in the marketing and there's no harm in a subtle change of photos used. So on your website or listing, you can temporarily swap some of the summer photos for images of your holiday home decorated for Christmas, helping to create the right festive atmosphere. I've been producing this kind of photography for various hotels and guest houses for a few years now and it works wonderfully for holiday properties too.

Christmas welcome
Christmas cheer
Christmas night


Photos of your property taken at dusk, in twilight or at night are very cool right now. When done well, they can ooze with the wow factor. They are naturally very atmospheric and seem to have a much stronger emotional connection with the viewer. More to the point, they can make your property stand out from the others, especially on a large listing site. The key is getting a really good shot and its rather harder than it looks. Timing is critical here as the light can change very quickly indeed. The difference between a photo taken at 6.00pm and one taken at 6.15pm can literally be night and day. Here are a few examples of dusk photography that I have recently carried out. Just contact me for a chat about how I can produce great twilight images for your property.

Warm Welcome
End of the day
Dramatic Sky

Winter Ideas and Inspiration

Of course if you are going to successfully book your property out over the winter period, any photos used need to convey that its a warm and inviting place. If it looks cold and wintery, potential guest simply won't book. There are various ways we can create the right atmosphere for our photography and here are a few ideas:

Warm & cosy
Winter tipple
Fur throws
around the fire
Warm & relaxing
Tweed thow