Hotels and B&Bs

With so many potential guests using websites to book rooms, good photography for your hotel or B&B is essential if you are to stand out.
I often use hotels when I'm travelling around for business. Like most travellers these days, I use the plethora of hotel booking sites now available and while I'll admit that price plays a big part, its quickly followed by the quality of photos used by the hotel. I want a clear idea of what to expect and I'm not alone: according to TripAdvisor, the chances of a hotel receiving a booking enquiry increase by 225% when listings have a minimum of just one photo. I keep saying it but very simply, good photography means more bookings.

In my experience, photographing a hotel can be a tricky business: there can often be lots of guests around and staff are always busy. Trying to present a room for photography can be interesting and real test of patience. However with a little planning and experience, it can all be done very well. We want to clearly show why your potential guests should book with you so this means showing guest rooms at their best, highlighting your restaurants and bars, showing off your meeting facilities and pointing out the benefits of your hotel's location, whether its close to the attractions or enjoys a quiet peaceful setting.

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