Autumn 2012


This is something I have been investigating for a while now. I really wanted a smart logo that could be used on my emails, letterheads, advertising and on my website and its something that I would strongly suggest that you should consider for your own property business. Successful branding should:
Help you stand out from the crowd.
Give your business a unique identity.
Help you create constancy in your advertising etc..
It also portrays a more professional business and gives you credibility. This is not to be under-estimated. If your customers can book your services on-line, establishing the credibility of your holiday accommodation is essential and this will help give your customer the confidence to actually make a booking.
My logo was designed by Lee Provost, a freelance designer who is originally from Alnwick and is now living and working in London. Lee is full of enthusiasm and good ideas and he can be contacted at should you need any elements of your marketing material designing.

Web site changes

Over the last few weeks, I have redesigned my website and added a number of new features. For example, much larger images are shown now and its all much easier to use Another new feature is the addition of a ‘Facebook’ button so that you can connect easily with my Inside Story Photography Facebook page. The most exciting development however, is a new facility which really helps clients access their photographs quickly. Once I have taken photographs, they are uploaded to my website and the client is given a password which allows them to view and download their chosen images in a variety of formats very easily and quickly. The client can then share the password with friends, business colleagues, web designers etc who can then all view and download the images from wherever they are. What this means in practical terms, is that the images can be electronically transferred from me to your chosen destination extremely quickly and efficiently.

Property Boards

This is simply another good way of attracting attention to your property and works really well if your holiday property is located in a popular area with lots of passing tourists. For example my own holiday cottage is situated right on the Pennine Way and we get lots of tourists walk past the cottage. We have a small advertising board fixed to the garden fence which shows our website address, telephone number and also shows a number of images. For example it’s a good opportunity to show off your best features, whether that’s a back garden that they can’t see, a luxury kitchen or a wonderful open fire. We find this is very popular with many people stopping to have a good look and it has produced bookings for us. It’s a very effective form of low cost advertising that works.

Living North

I know lots of people in the accommodation business subscribe to ‘Living North’ magazine so do look out for my advert in this month’s edition. Living North is the most popular lifestyle magazine for the north east and regularly features articles on property, interior design etc.