Winter 2011

Winter Newsletter.
As the year draws to an end, this is a good time to think and plan ahead for next year’s enquiries. The first couple of months of the year can be very busy indeed with new enquiries – in fact traditionally the vast majority of enquiries are made over this period. Your potential customers will expect to see good photographs, giving them the confidence to book with you so its absolutely vital that your website or listing stands out and shows your property off to its best. Its essential that you are prepared and ready to capitalise on these new enquiries.
This is good time to have new photographs taken. We already know that there will be lots of enquiries early in the year so we need to be ready for that. Many cottage owners will have some vacancies over winter and this is an ideal time to re-decorate and freshen up your property. These quiet times are also ideal for photography with the added benefit of photographing your latest updates and improvements.
Don’t be put off arranging a photography shoot at this time of year because your garden may not be at its best. The largest part of any photography session are the interior photographs so its important that these are done as soon as possible to enhance your website. I would be happy to re-visit at no extra cost when the weather is brighter, perhaps over Spring, and photograph the outside of your cottage. This doesn’t actually take too long and can be done on a changeover day if required.
I have been asked by many clients if I can give a clearer idea of likely costs: I have therefore revised my price-list, offering a range of options to suit everyone. Click on the ‘Services and Prices’ link for full details.
I discovered a really interesting website recently: its called ‘Lay My Hat’ and its essentially a forum for owners of holiday accommodation where thoughts, ideas and experiences can be exchanged. There seem to be lots of enthusiastic owners with some great hints and tips on offer. The website can be found at
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