Services And Prices

Services And Prices
My photography service covers the North half of the UK. I'm based in Northumberland but I regularly work for clients in all parts of Scotland including the West coast and the Highlands. I also regularly work in Yorkshire and the Lake District too. My main clients tend to be:

* Holiday cottage owners and agents.
* Hotels and B & Bs.
* Estate agents and property developers.
* Commercial and editorial clients.
* Private house sellers.
* Food Photography, especially restaurants and food producers. Click here to find out more.

My client list is long and varied but includes Large Holiday Houses (Scotland), Hoseasons, Crabtree & Crabtree, Retties estate agents, Travelodge Hotels, Cottages in Northumberland, the Co-Operative Society, Lucre PR agency, Floors Castle Estates, Highland Escapes, Beaver Furniture, Super Control, Smiths Gore Estate Agents, Porter Novelli PR as well as lots of holiday cottage owners. In addition my work appears regularly in various magazines (Living North, Country Life, Beautiful Homes etc), on the internet and in the Property sections of the national press including the Times, The Guardian, The Scotsman etc).

I am conscious that every property and client is unique and therefore my approach to each is tailored accordingly. Clients often worry about very small spaces or rooms with awkward lighting. In reality, they are rarely an issue. My experience over the years, along with the correct techniques and equipment mean that I’m able to show your property at its very best. See the difference it can make. I also send each client a 'tip sheet’ suggesting how the property can be prepared beforehand to make the most of your shoot.

A typical photography shoot would cover the property interior, exteriors, details, views and area shots. I will always take a large selection of photographs to ensure you have a good choice and extra photographs can be purchased at an additional cost. I am happy to be as flexible as required in order to produce the images that you require. Whether you are new to digital photography or are an experienced web designer, I can ensure that you receive your images in a format that’s easy to view and use.

Pricing is quite simple:
There is an initial attendance fee of £100 and then any photographs you choose after that are priced on a sliding scale depending on how many you require. This is as follows:

1-3 photographs £26.00 each
4-9 photographs £20.00 each
10-29 photographs £18.00 each
30+ photographs £15.00 each

For example, photography to include your choice of five photographs would be
Attendance fee of £100
5 photos @ £20 each
Total £200.00

A slightly bigger package is more cost effective and may be more suitable for a good sized holiday cottage. So photography to include your choice of eight photographs would be
Attendance fee of £100
8 photos @ £20 each (£160)
Total £260.00

There's no upper or lower limits - really its whatever is best for you. Its always good for us to have a chat first so I can understand your requirements and ensure that I can work out something that's going to meet your needs perfectly. These can differ depending on the final use of the photos: photographs for an estate agent will require a different approach to those needed for a holiday cottage website. I have years of experience of this kind of work so I can tailor something especially for you. For very large complexes or bigger hotels, please contact me.

To find out more about me and my love of photography Click here.

I would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements so please email or telephone for a chat about how I can help your property or business stand out from the crowd.

Contact me.
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